Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sleeps with Butterflies

Tori Amos T-shirt Project

A couple years late, but I thought the cover art for her last CD was really pretty in that ren-fest dark fairy type of mysterious way so one past Sunday while everyone else was sleeping I woke up with a vision! A t-shirt vision!! I printed out the picture I wanted to reproduce/ be inspired by, gathered all my materials and revved my engines!


  • blank t-shirt (preferably white)
  • fabric paint, fabric markers
  • shirt-sized cardboard to insert in shirt to provide stable backing and prevent bleed-through
  • pencil and any pic you want to paint
  • music
Steps to Make:

  1. I cheated and taped the picture underneath the shirt and lightly trace-sketched the major lines with a pencil to save time and get the proportions right. Even if I had wanted, tracing details would be almost impossible. I free handed her face and everything else in the background.
  2. I experimented with the fabric markers, and I really didn't like the result and tried to cover them up the whole rest of the project.
  3. Next I did my big blocks of color and all the color washes I wanted.
  4. After it was dry I came back and added some detailed color.
  5. Then after THAT was dry I came back and added the black detailing.
  6. Then I set the paint per directions on tubes.

I think anyone could paint up a really nice shirt using a template like I did. If you don't feel confident free-handing it then just pick a pic that has simple lines that would be easy to trace and experiment with color washes, etc. BTW, the fabric paint I used was bought in Japan, but there's all kinds available in the states as well.

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