Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY Packaging for my Etsy Store :)

I've been moving pretty slowly these past couple days because of this annoying cold I caught, but one thing has been bringing a smile to my face and that's making my own little tags, etc. for packaging things for my etsy shop  I designed a logo myself on photoshop and bought a custom stamp from JLMould using the design I made.  It should come any day now and I can't wait to stamp all over my boxes (bought at and handmade tags!

I modified my little logo and printed it (on my computer printer!) on scrap-booking card stock to make backs for my fabric covered button bobby pins.

For Sale at
I used an exacto (spelling?_?) knife to cut slits on both sides of the middle so I could slide the bobbies on easily. 

I also bought a label shape die-cut punch on sale from the craft store and punched a bunch of tags from scrap-booking paper.  I've also set aside some boxes from Indian food packages that I'm going to re-purpose into tags.  The size of the custom stamp is the size of the tag so I will be able to stamp my blank tags with my logo in any color ink I want.

For other items like bracelets and headbands that don't fit on a little backing like the bobbies I made long tags that I can staple around the item.  I printed the long tags on craft paper and scrap-book paper, then I cut out and cut the edges with special scissors.  
Handmade Tags
I'm planning on making my own holiday wrapping paper with stamps on craft paper.  Here are the boxes I bought from Uline.

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