Sunday, April 8, 2012

Veggie Hair Clips

I have been going crazy making different little projects that I might be able make with my DIY Sewing Fashionista club. These were inspired by all these annoying Bacon tshirts I keep seeing, I thought to myself, veggies get such a bad rap, I gotta make some Veggie propaganda myself. Here is the tutorial I posted on Cut out and keep:

You Will Need:

red and orange Embroidery Floss
Fabric Glue
2 Hair Clip(s)

Project Budget: Cheap
Time: half hour


Cute Veggie hairclips made from felt, using fabric glue, embroidery floss and of course- hairclips.


Step 1

Tomato: cut two tomato shapes. cut an indent in the top shape. Cut a small stem and little crown out of the green felt.
Carrot: Cut two carrot shaped cones with an indent in the top shape out of the orange felt. Cut three leaves out of green felt.

Step 2

Tomato: Glue stem to back tomato, then position top tomato over it, centering indent under the stem, and then glue crown under the stem. When gluing the red tomatoes together be sure to only put glue on the outer edge, leaving the center unglued.
Carrot: Glue the leaves to the back carrot, then glue the top carrot with indent on top of it all, like a sandwich.

Step 3

Tomato: Embroider around the edge of tomato with small stitches. I added a reflection highlight on my tomato in the top right corner.
Carrot: Embroider with orange thread using longer stitches, horizontally across the body of the carrot.

Step 4
Tomato: To attach to the hair clip cut two slits on the back tomato only and slip the clip inside (front part of clip). You can always reposition clip to make it face the other way so it can be worn above right or left ear.
Carrot: Go ahead and attach to clip with needle and thread, being careful to only catch the back of the carrot. I attached mine at a jaunty little angle.

Enjoy! Heart the Veggies :)

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