Monday, October 1, 2012

Zombie Princess Peach and Mario

Princess Peach ~ Wii Version
For this year's ZombiCon in Fort Myers I want to do an iconic couples costume- who better than Mario and Princess Peach?  My boyfriend is willing to play the part of Mario, which should be a mostly no-sew costume.  I figure we can get overalls from a thrift store, buy a red tshirt and cover a hat to make it look like a Mario hat.  My Princess Peach costume will be made from Simplicity 2813, modified to have a higher neckline with scalloped contrast edge, jeweled brooch, and contrast hem band.  My concept is that one half is still pretty and princess-like (pre zombie apocalypse) and the other half is all eaten up and bloody (post zombie apocalypse). see below.

My concept Drawing

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